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Join us weekly for our incredible Classes, our Seekers Journey and discussion, our Book Study discussion, A Course In Miracles, Trio Healing, Yoga Meditations and Sound baths, Unity Live on Sundays and much much more. Interact with respected Speakers and fellow Seekers who will share their journey and secrets to their awakening. If you are seeking more in-depth training, sign up for All Access Pass and join our weeknight classes to deepen your learning and further your awakening. Everything we offer is designed to make you feel fully loved supported and blessed by your connection to source.


Learn from other Seekers and Build Life Long Connections

Speakers4Seekers is about building connections and deepening your awakening and discovering the truth of who you are. By listening then actively participating with the group each week you will grow and create spiritual connections that will nourish your soul. No matter what age you are, or what part of your life you want to improve. Speakers 4 Seekers is about helping you make connections and provide you with everything you need to help you live your best life.


Accept, Surrender and Grow Together

Let go of old past blocks that have kept you from leaning into the life that you. have always wanted to live. Speakers 4 Seekers is for you if you are willing to take 100% responsibility for your life and all that happens to you. Connect with other seekers and share experiences and transformations that will ultimately help each and every member to live their best lives.

You will continue to awaken and become more and more conscious all the while sharing and helping other souls.


This is a shared experience of awakening.  

Join me on my journey!

I'm Adam MacDonald, Founder of Speakers 4 Seekers

I have been a seeker my whole life. I’ve always had the inner knowing that I was remembering things that I already knew. I have had much trauma in my life and found myself making mistake after mistake because I was not living out my dharma.

I went to college in 1987 to earn a business degree because that is what I thought was expected of me BUT in 1992 I went to school and got a Masters in Psychology because that is what I wanted to do.

However my ego lead me to believe that I could not make enough money being a therapist or that I wouldn’t be accepted as enough as a therapist so I continued down the path of being an entrepreneur and striving for material success. I created some pretty incredible companies and I often found monetary success only to give it away or lose it because I didn’t feel I deserved it. I would repeat this many times over a 25-year period with the same results each time. I would always rebound after reading spiritual books like the Power of Now and picking myself up by my bootstraps only to forget what my superpower really was and I would end up failing again and would be left feeling worthless and ashamed.

A few years ago with the help of an angel who was dropped into my life after going through a painful divorce and loss of a business I was introduced to the University of Santa Monica and the Spiritual Psychology program.  It was there that I discovered what my true dharma is and what I want to do with my life.  I want to give and receive more love by sharing my transformation with others.  Speakers 4 Seekers is the direct result of my transformation and I hope that thousands of people will continue to awaken here on the platform.    

Currently, I am a student at the University of Santa Monica School of Spiritual Psychology and Speakers 4 Seekers is my Sacred Yes Project to myself. Welcome and I’m excited to continue my journey and looking forward to learning from you and sharing with you.

What people say about our courses

Bea Arthur

"I am not the weak, intimidated person who I thought I was. I can now speak my truth (though not always easy) without fear of embarrassing myself or revealing my ignorance. I can help myself by using the tools given us…

The course has definitely changed the direction of my life from unnecessary suffering to a more peaceful mind and a deeper appreciation of life in the present moment.

A truly amazing, life-changing course!"

Marsha Hurt

"Thank you for these amazing resources. I feel like these weeks are so enjoyable and valuable in my life, and, I feel like the resources you provide will sustain the work for me when our meetings are finished… The most helpful is witnessing the processes you guided them and all of us through. It is a beautiful thing to observe and opens things up for me — things as in ways to respond, ways to enter into conversations from such an invitational starting point, ways to walk myself towards response rather than reaction. I have appreciated every session. I feel grateful to be in this class.""

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Speakers 4 Seekers is for...

Conscious Seekers

This space is for you if you are awakening to the truth and want to connect with other seekers who are also awakening and becoming more conscious. You are already curious and feel a deep inner desire to love yourself more fully. 

Ready to Surrender

We many times find ourselves in very painful times that are calling us to awaken. Divorce, job loss, post traumatic stress events can often be the beginning of the awakening. Surrendering to the pain and the ego that makes us human often forces us to find a better way. A more Spiritual way in which we discover that we are not separate from source.


If you are a psycho therapists, yoga teacher, wanting to manifest your dream job and ideal relationship, you will find an incredible supportive and nurturing experience by joining Speakers 4 Seekers.

Going Deeper

By joining Speakers 4 Seekers you are going to get a rich depth of experiences. With full access to Classes with a wide range of topics and discoveries. Each class involves hands on interactive work at getting to the core issues that ultimately block us from transforming our lives.  Once discovered we can open up and use the spiritual principles shared here on the platform to finally surrender to and live our best life. 

With Full Flexibility

There are classes, discussions, support groups, meditations, sound baths, health and wellness sessions. You will have full access to all live and past classes that have been taught on the Speakers 4 Seekers platform. 

and Honest Interactions

Just about every offering gives you the opportunity to participate in a live interactive way and to get real time feedback to important topics issues and discoveries that are happening in your life. No other online school offers hands on feedback back in such an open and honest way.  The subscription price is considered very inexpensive for all that is offered and can be paused at anytime.

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